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Businesses run the risk of hiring clones when they seek people who ‘fit’. Pasukaru76/Flickr

Hiring today, for tomorrow: the risks of hiring people who ‘fit’

The costs associated with recruiting the wrong person are always high, not only in financial terms but emotionally as well. So the prospect of administering a personality test that accurately indicates…
Given their failure to predict management performance, why are organisations still using personality tests? h.koppdelaney/Flickr

How to cheat on personality tests, and other pseudosciences

In 1931 the Australian Institute of Industrial Psychology published lectures by A. H. Martin who, after dismissing astrology, palmistry and phrenology as pseudo-sciences, bravely put psychology forward…
Myers-Briggs has a legion of fans; but not everyone thinks such a system is a good idea. Flickr/MTSOfan

Why using Myers-Briggs at work Might Be a Terrible Idea (MBTI)

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the most popular personality test, boasting millions of test-takers each year. Developed in the 1940s by Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Briggs, the MBTI is…
Personality tests will not judge you on how you look, the clothes you wear or where you went to school, so why are people so wary of them? Shutterstock

Before you judge personality tests, consider what they don’t judge

Many job seekers are wary of personality testing. They will accept prying interviews and secretive reference checks, but baulk at having their personalities assessed. A review of studies conducted in 17…
Introverts can party hard, but then need to recharge. Shutterstock

There’s more to personality than a test score

Have you ever completed a personality test and felt dissatisfied with your scores? Maybe you’ve quibbled with the low score you received on extroversion – a personality trait reflecting outgoing and gregarious…
Levels of masculinity vary for men and women depending on if the questions are asked online or offline. Helga Weber

How much of a man are you? Being online can change that

How masculine are you? This might seem a fairly simple question, especially if you’re asked to fill out a simple ten-question survey investigating traits such as “aggressive” and “forceful”. But it may…
Personality assessment is often used by recruiters to predict workplace success, with varying degrees of accuracy.

Who do you think you are? The problems with workplace personality tests

Employers recognise that work performance can’t be predicted perfectly by formal qualifications, references and interviews. Job candidates may have sheaves of diplomas, incandescent recommendations, a…

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