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The latest RN makeover is largely about talk – a cheap format that costs little to produce. Tracey Nearmy/AAP

Changes to Radio National are gutting a cultural treasure trove

Sweeping changes proposed at Radio National undermine the network’s specialist knowledge and documentary-making savvy. Yet amid the echo chambers of social media, we need RN more than ever.
Australia’s long-running poetry program, Poetica, is one of the victims of the cost-cutting at the ABC. Yasunari(康就) Nakamura(中村)/Flickr

A gift adrift: what the loss of RN’s Poetica means to poets

Australia’s long-running literary flagship program – Poetica on Radio National (RN) – is slated for axing in 2015. It’s one more casualty of the cuts to the ABC budget, announced last week. For the first…
With little national history programming at the ABC, Hindsight and Rear Vision are precious. Allan Foster

Axing Hindsight and Rear Vision would be historically shortsighted

Last week it was widely reported that several of the ABC’s best-known programs on television and radio may be axed. Among those under threat is the ABC’s only program solely devoted to history across all…
Against all the odds, apparent “relics” from the golden era of radio appear to be undergoing transformation and renewal. Andreanne Germain

Radio National is a leader in cultural radio – here’s why

Do you value the ABC’s Radio National? I would argue you should. Over the course of 80 years, Radio National (RN) has demonstrated it is more than just a broadcaster. From its earliest emanation as the…
More people – and pets? – want to produce creative radio content. zoomar

RN’s Creative Audio Unit – what’s that all about?

ABC Radio National’s new Creative Audio Unit (CAU) launches on Sunday, with two new shows – [Radiotonic](](…
White Paper magazine offers ‘the distilled wisdom of RN’ in written form. Constantine Belias

Radio you can read? What to make of RN’s new magazine

This month, ABC Radio National (RN) launched a pilot digital magazine, White Paper, which presents “the distilled wisdom of RN” in a monthly interactive offering delivered free to your tablet. Newspapers…

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