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To write off towns outside of Sydney and Melbourne as being bereft of culture is an arrogant falsehood. Briony Osei, Eve Beck and Jack Griffiths in The Bacchae. Photo taken by T J Lee

The Brandis effect on regional Australia? Just look at Bathurst

The term “regional arts” carries certain baggage that can create, and uphold, a divisive opposition between city and country. But there is plenty happening in regional Australia, and much to potentially lose.
Regional tours such as Opera Australia’s cross-country circuit with The Magic Flute deliver real benefits to the communities they visit. Albert Comper, Opera Australia

Mozart goes to Bathurst: classical music in regional Australia

Since July, Mozart’s popular opera, The Magic Flute, has been touring regional Australia. The Opera Australia production, a version of Mozart’s classic reinvented by Australian playwright Michael Gow and…
Kevin Draper’s Tree and Grid is part of the Regional Arts Showcase on display at Parliament House. What makes a regional artist in 2014? Regional Arts Australia

Regional Arts Australia takes root – but what is ‘regional’?

Currently on display at Parliament House is an exhibition that we are told is the first of its kind. Entitled Place and Practice, it’s a showcase of works by artists based in regional and remote areas…

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