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Diet and a little bit of sun can give us vitamin D. Julian Colton

Vitamin D needed to fight comeback of childhood rickets

For most people, our standard diet provides all the necessary vitamins we need. However, childhood vitamin D deficiency in the UK – something that should be a headline from the distant past – has made…
Most Australians get more than 90% of their vitamin D through sun exposure of the skin. Tricia Wang

Vitamin D target level surrounded by uncertainty

A new joint position statement on target levels for vitamin D, published in the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) by the Australian and New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society and Osteoporosis Australia…
We can’t really measure vitamin D levels well, so adding it to food may be premature. Perfecto Insecto/Flickr

To D or not to D: adding vitamin D to food is no panacea

Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones – low levels result in deformed limbs in children (rickets) and weakness and bone pain in adults. So there’s no question that we should all strive to maintain normal…

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