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Dr. Kyle Parks, the only surgeon at Evans Memorial Hospital in Claxton, Ga. The hospital struggles to stay in business while serving large numbers of rural poor. Russ Bynum/AP Photo

As rural Americans struggle for health care access, insurers may be making things worse

Americans who live in rural parts of the country have fewer doctors, specialists and hospitals than those who live in cities. It also appears that insurers are working against them.
A welcome sign to Bristol, a small town that sits in Virginia and Tennessee, June 26, 2019. Bristol is trying to recruit doctors because the rural town is facing many of the same health care shortages of other rural towns. Sudhin Thanawala/AP Photo

Rural hospital closings reach crisis stage, leaving millions without nearby health care

Rural hospital closings have accelerated in recent years, leaving not only sick people but ghost towns in their wake. Does the failure to fix it speak to the ills of the larger health care system?

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