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Actor and activist Russell Brand’s solution for what ails us is nothing less than a revolution. EPA/Hannah McKay

Russell Brand: a hero for our times?

Three things about the present era are especially striking. First, problems persist. For those fortunate enough to have grown up in post-war Australia in particular, this is a somewhat surprising reality…
You checked my Hirsch index rating lately? Matt Crossick/PA

If Russell Brand has a thesis, it’s time for his viva

As we hurtle towards peak Russell Brand, I have a question. Treat it as rhetorical if you like but if anyone has an actual answer, they would be warmly welcomed. My question is: what has Brand actually…
The next Shakespeare… in a manner of speaking. EPA/Paul Buck

Russell Brand English A Level will be refreshing and rigorous

The exam board OCR recently announced a new English Language and Literature A Level that they intend to offer from 2015. The proposed syllabus boasts that “the range of texts to be studied is to be the…

Russell Brand, political theorist

British comic Russell Brand has gained further notoriety of late, but not for the usual reasons. His recent interview with Jeremy Paxman, the too-clever-by-half doyen of television interviewers, has gone…

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