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Diga, frontman of the Yellowknife-based band Digawolf, says his goal is to pursue music “without having to move south.” Here, the band, nominated as Indigenous artist or group of the year, with Diga, David Dowe and Layne Rybchinski. (Digawolf/Maia Lepage)

The Junos have been cancelled due to coronavirus, but we still need to invest in cross-country music talent

Three-quarters of the high-profile category Juno 2020 nominees were Ontario artists. This year’s awards have been cancelled, but new efforts to boost music development across the country are needed.
Boring lessons are one of the main reasons children want to stop music lessons. from

Before you let your child quit music lessons, try these 5 things

Kids can stop music lessons at any time, due to boredom or disliking practice. It’s OK to let them stop if they genuinely don’t enjoy it, but it’s best to test a few things out first.

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