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Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party has rebounded from the referendum defeat to emerge as the likely third-biggest party and kingmaker in the UK parliament. AAP/Newzulu/Brian Duffy

The Scottish questions linger, forcing a shift in British politics

Last year’s independence referendum failed narrowly, but the Scottish electorate has emerged as a force that may well decide who forms the next British government.
Better together. PA/PA Archive

US happy that democracy and union win the day in the UK

The average American may struggle with a keen understanding of exactly how the UK is made up, but it’s safe to say that there will be relief in the US at Scotland staying part of the Union. And, following…
Voice of the people: David Cameron promises a devolution revolution. Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Cameron makes lightning bid to be the great British reformer

The Flower of Scotland may well be blooming but a number of thorny issues face the prime minister and the leaders of the main parties in the UK. The prime minister’s commitment to a “new and fair constitutional…
Have the bookies got it right? Vol'turdu

Hard Evidence: #indyref – why the bookies expect No to win

The only question worth asking right now is, who’s going to win? Bookmakers’ odds should be fairly representative of movements in sentiment around the debate, so they can be a great guide to what is happening…
Despite the urging ‘Let’s do this’, it will be entirely in character for Scots to wake up tomorrow and mourn the fact that they didn’t. EPA/Robert Perry

This Scot tips an agonising ‘no’ befitting a melancholy nationalism

On Friday morning, I, an expatriate “British Scot”, could wake up to find that I have lost my identity. Because today Scottish voters might decide that a United Kingdom that includes Scotland ought no…
Without official polls, we’d be reduced to reading cakes for clues. EPA/Andy Rain

Ban pre-election opinion polls at your peril

I really thought we might make it. We’d got past the publication of YouGov’s potentially constitution-changing poll showing a minuscule lead for the Yes campaign without anyone grabbing for an easy headline…
All eyes are on tomorrow’s Scottish independence vote, currency traders among them. Adrian Clark/Flickr

What a Scottish ‘yes’ vote would mean for Australian markets

A “yes” vote to Scottish independence on September 18 would mean a great many things for Scotland, and also for England. But what would it mean for Australian business and financial markets? It’s tempting…
Home to many Scots, including this Highland terrier, is now on the other side of the world in Australia. None of them get to vote but they are still deeply affected by Scotland’s independence referendum. Kelly Hunter/Flickr

Yes or No? The moment for Scots when extremes of their being meet

The upcoming referendum in Scotland is premised on a simple “yes” or “no” vote: should Scotland be an independent country? Except it’s not so simple. It’s a deeply personal question for the nation and…

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