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Burberry was one of the first Western companies to announce it was suspending sales in Russia after the invasion. Oleg Nikishin/Getty Images

Liberal CEOs were more likely to exit Russia following its invasion of Ukraine than more conservative corporate leaders

A new study found that a CEO’s political ideology was correlated with the decision of whether to leave or suspend operations in Russia following the 2022 invasion.
The Deepwater Horizon disaster in April 2010 killed 11 workers and caused the greatest environmental disaster in US history. Banking regulators can learn from the penalities introduced to motivate executive interest in putting safety first. EPA/US Coast Guard/Handout

What banking regulators can learn from Deepwater Horizon and other industrial catastrophes

Banking executives have huge incentives to maximise profits at all costs. They need equally compelling incentives to do the right thing.
The Santos share price has slipped since its AGM in May and the board’s defence against a takeover is likely to face shareholder pressure if oil prices slide. David Mariuz/AAP

What impacts do takeover defences have on shareholders?

Australian companies have been employing many and varied takeover defences this year, including some that defy convention.

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