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Most drivers recognise the need to observe a lower speed in school zones, so why do many still break the limit? AAP/Paul Miller

Where drivers don’t mean to speed, it’s no good just fining them

Blaming motorists for their speeding may at times be undeserved. We have recently shown that, rather than intentional wrong-doing by drivers, cognitive factors can explain speeding behaviour. Policies…
New P2P cameras, which calculate average speed, avoid fines for momentary lapses of concentration. Brooks was here

Point-to-point cameras: better than average at nabbing speeders

Speed cameras - love them or (more likely) hate them, they’re here to stay. And as with most technologies, there is room for improvement - highlighted most recently when Wheels magazine sponsored a journalist…
Speed cameras save lives. AAP

Slow down on speed camera hysteria

The Auditor General’s review of speed cameras is a good effort in identifying the safety value of speed cameras in NSW. This is not the first time the NSW speed cameras have been reviewed. As presented…

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