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The size of the Moon can be deceptive when viewed from Earth. Flickr/Ovi Gherman

How big is the Moon? Let me compare …

Just 12 people have walked on the Moon and they’ll know better than anyone just how big (or small) the place is. But we can make some comparisons with things on Earth to get a measure of the Moon.
Dramatic, but not apocalyptic. Stanimir G Stoev

Fact over fiction on the ‘apocalyptic’ super blood moon

A rare super blood moon visible from parts of the Earth this month will delight those people lucky enough to see it. But why has this marvel of the solar system got some people so worried?

Supermoon … or not so super?

A beautiful full moon is set to rise this Sunday night, August 10. It will be spectacular and I encourage everyone to go outside and have a look. But the question is: will it be a supermoon? Technically…
Brace yourself for the most super supermoon of 2013 this weekend - but how exactly does the moon appear to change size? Marianne Klock

Check out the year’s biggest and brightest moon on Sunday night

This Sunday night, June 23, at precisely 9.33pm AEST, the full moon becomes a “supermoon” – an especially bright full moon. This extra brightness occurs because the moon is closer to Earth than normal…

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