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Hemodialysis treatment can be efficient at replacing some lost kidney function, but patients can experience complications and side-effects. (Shutterstock)

Hemodialysis: New research could vastly improve this life-sustaining treatment for kidney failure patients

Hemodialysis filters kidney patients’ blood through a machine. Improving the membranes that mimic kidney function could reduce complications and side-effects, with better treatment results.
By the time you’ve read this caption, electrons in the synchrotron storage ring will have travelled a distance equivalent to 41 times around the Earth. manfred majer/Flickr

An electron’s near-light-speed tour of the Australian Synchrotron

There’s a place in Melbourne where particles routinely whiz around at 99.99998% the speed of light – the Australian Synchrotron. By accelerating charged particles to release extremely intense light known…
The collision of art and science is producing some impressive results. CSIRO, Australian Synchrotron and National Gallery of Victoria

Streeton, Da Vinci and the science of seeing art’s secrets

The ability to see through walls and other objects Superman-style is surely high on the wish-list for many children. Sadly, with the purchase of a child’s first pair of novelty X-ray glasses, such dreams…
Cutting-edge technology at the Synchrotron ensures Australian scientists can compete with their international counterparts. AAP/Victorian Government

Funding secures the future of Australian Synchrotron

A $95-million rescue package for the world-class Australian Synchrotron research centre will ensure local scientists can “remain at the forefront of the highly competitive world of fundamental and applied…
The multi-million dollar facility provides cutting-edge tools for scientists. Nancy Mills, Australian Synchrotron.

The Australian Synchrotron is great … but what does it do?

Science is like high-performance racing: today’s Formula One machine is all too soon the jalopy of tomorrow. The Australian Synchrotron, opened in 2007 and located in Melbourne, is currently at the F1…
It’s synch or swim time for one of the country’s leading facilities.

Australian Synchrotron: scientific marvel, political puzzle

The funding woes of the Australian Synchrotron – a landmark scientific research facility located in Melbourne – have made news in recent weeks. How can such a fabulous resource, with such potential to…

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