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Tax sugary drinks to reduce demand

Taxing sugary drinks could reduce the amount consumed by almost a quarter, according to an America study. Yale University…
Does the budget lessen or deepen the male-female divide?

Tax, women and the Henry Review

The Budget: What does it have to do with tax reform? This year’s budget claims to “progress the government’s tax reform agenda, improving fairness and integrity in the tax system”. Does it? The short answer…
Changes to the charity tax rules could impact on Gloria Jean’s among other organisations. Flickr/Edwin Tang ET

Charity tax changes to help lawyers and accountants, but no-one else

Tonight’s budget is expected to tighten a tax loophole for charities which run businesses unrelated to their charitable work. The government thinks it will increase revenue for Australia’s coffers. It…
Significant: Ken Henry’s tax review deserves to be on the national agenda. AAP

Put Henry Review reforms back on political agenda

The Henry Review released in May last year provided the Commonwealth and state governments with a wealth of good ideas for reform, yet so far the political processes have failed to deliver reforms. Why…

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