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Online, businesses are fuelled by a different set of economic forces than those that exist purely offline. x-ray delta one/Flickr

Why there’s no Pepsi® in cyberspace

The world of big business is littered with once popular but now discarded household names like Kodak, Borders and Blockbuster. In this disruptive forces series we find out who might be next, uncovering…
Federal treasurer Wayne Swan said the National Accounts figures released today showed the Australian economy was doing better than every other major advanced economy. AAP/Alan Porritt

National economy grows but some non-mining states in recession

The Australian economy grew 0.6% last quarter but Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT are now technically in recession, according to new Australian Bureau of Statistics data. The new figures…
“And then there’s this…” Will there be any surprises in store for this year’s budget? AAP

Wish list for Wayne Swan: what the experts want from the budget

Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan will be busy tonight handing down the Federal Budget with all the policy settings we’ll need to ensure Australia’s future prosperity (and not simply as a re-election platform…
BlueScope has fallen victim to a changing export market, high Australian dollar and gradual structural shift to free trade policies. AAP

‘Once upon a time, when Australia had a steel industry …’

Once upon a time, 30 years ago, when we still thought the steel industry was an endless and bottomless well for economic growth and employment, many of us also believed in industry policy, corporate responsibility…

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