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There have been two major reports this year looking into how university places are funded – so which was right? Student money image from

Undergraduate study: who should pay?

The past year has seen two major reports on the economics of higher education, each seeking to reform the way undergraduate study is financed. The Grattan Institute’s Graduate Winners appeared in August…
“And then there’s this…” Will there be any surprises in store for this year’s budget? AAP

Wish list for Wayne Swan: what the experts want from the budget

Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan will be busy tonight handing down the Federal Budget with all the policy settings we’ll need to ensure Australia’s future prosperity (and not simply as a re-election platform…
As university offers increase, the proportion of lower performing school leavers who take them will rise sharply. Flickr/Barack Obama

University standards at risk from low performing school leavers

The proportion of low performing school leavers who enter university is likely to rise sharply from this year, potentially causing a spike in drop-out rates and a slide in learning outcomes, the Group…
The Review panel was chaired by Adelaide-based Jane Lomax-Smith, a former medical researcher and former ALP politician. AAP/Steve Larkin.

Fairness of Higher Education Base Funding Review’s fee policy questioned

The Higher Education Base Funding Review’s blanket dismissal of all possible arguments supporting varying the level of government subsidies across disciplines, as happens now, is the “single weakest aspect…

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