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The U.S. government is the single largest buyer of services and goods, like vehicles. That has an impact on the economy. Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

Climate change is about to play a big role in government purchases – with vast implications for the US economy

The Biden administration directed agencies to consider the cost of greenhouse gas emissions in their future purchasing and budget decisions. An example shows just how much is at stake.
Air pollution exposure during mid to early life may be more important to developing Alzheimer’s disease than doctors realized. Cecilie Arcurs via Getty Images

Air pollution may contribute to Alzheimer’s and dementia risk – here’s what we’re learning from brain scans

The tiny air pollutants known as PM2.5, emitted by vehicles, factories and power plants, aren’t just a hazard for lungs. A study finds more brain shrinkage in older women exposed to pollution.
If a vehicle was coming through this intersection would this pedestrian have right of way? Stephen Di Donato/Good Free Photos

Why Australian road rules should be rewritten to put walking first

Most people do not know the right-of-way rules, but a starting point should be that pedestrian needs and safety take priority. Current road rules are biased towards driver convenience

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