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Whyalla Steelworks, where workers might lose their jobs as operator Arrium goes into voluntary administration. Wayne Thomas/Flickr

A grim future for Arrium, Ford and Queensland Nickel workers?

The outlook is not good for those who may lose their jobs as a result of mining company Arrium going into voluntary administration, according to the latest OECD report.
Voluntary administration has been the widely-used step in efforts to prevent a company being dissolved. Image sourced from

Is it time to reform the cornerstone of Australia’s insolvency regime?

Voluntary administration was considered a state-of-the-art rescue procedure for struggling companies in 1993. But is is time for another wide-ranging review of our insolvency laws?
Kodak shareholders have reason to celebrate, with the camera manufacturer bouncing out of bankruptcy. Sourced from AAP images

Kodak’s survival not a black and white issue

“Kodachrome, it gives the nice bright colours, it gives the dreams of summer, it makes you think all the world’s a sunny day.” (Paul Simon, Kodachrome, 1973, from ‘There Goes Rhymin Simon.) Eighteen months…

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