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French President Macron attends a ceremony marking the 77th anniversary of de Gaulle’s resistance call of June 18, 1940. Bertrand Guay/Reuters

What can Europe expect from a Macron government?

Despite a low voter turnout, the new French president has a solid majority in parliament. He will need it to push his reforms at home and in Europe.
EPA/Sebastian Kahnert

Brexit: the view from Germany

Chancellor Angela Merkel wouldn’t like to see Britain leave the EU, but a remain vote is not necessarily an easy option either.
No good choices left for Greeks. Alkis Konstantinidis/Reuters

This weekend’s Greek referendum: nobody wins, at least in Greece

So, after five years of interminable rounds of negotiating and posturing, Greece’s status in the eurozone appears to have reached the endgame. It may be premature to pronounce the matter in any way settled…

The European Madhouse

Last week’s visit to Berlin, peppered by many intensely interesting conversations, convinced me of one thing: Europe is beginning to resemble a political madhouse. Jan Zielonka’s brief but brilliant Is…
Greece: the mouse that roared? EPA/Simela Pantzartzi

Greece’s path out of the euro

Ever since Greece elected its new Syriza government, there has been growing talk of Greece defaulting on its debt and leaving the eurozone. I’ve been arguing that once Greece achieved a primary budget…
Silvio Berlusconi has blamed international economic conditions for Italy’s worsening crisis. AAP

As Italy’s debt crisis deepens, is Berlusconi turning a blind eye?

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s reassurance to his parliamentary colleagues during a speech on Wednesday did little allay about fears of a crisis in Eurozone’s third-biggest economy. The Italian…

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