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Katherine Hoang and her unborn twins were killed in the Orchard Hills crash. Her husband, Bronco Hoang, remains in hospital. Facebook

When unborn children are killed, how does the law deal with culpability?

The deaths of Katherine Hoang and her unborn twins, along with her sister-in-law Belinda in a car crash at Orchard Hills have raised questions about culpability when children are killed in utero.
The consequences of fetal personhood on women’s rights in pregnancy and childbirth, and for abortion, are uncertain. SIOBHAN MARREN/AAP

Zoe’s Law could take NSW backwards in women’s rights

A bill due to be debated in the upper house of the NSW Parliament will bestow legal personhood to fetuses of 20 weeks or more for the purpose of grievous bodily harm offences in the Crimes Act, if passed…
Australia has no laws protecting children from harm they may have suffered in the womb. Andrew Johnson/Flickr

Should it be a crime to harm an unborn child?

Many children in Australia suffer from severe disabilities caused by things done before they were born, but most are not entitled to compensation for the harm they suffered and there’s no law to prevent…
Mothers are best placed to make decisions about what to do with the life within them. Flickr/Peej's photos

Why losing my daughter means I don’t support Zoe’s law

A bill currently before the NSW Parliament attempts to criminalise harm to late-term foetuses that die due to injuries inflicted on their mother. But is foetal legal personhood the best way to recognise…
A proposed bill recognises a foetus of at least 20 weeks gestation as “a living person” when it comes to its harm or destruction. Leo Reynolds

Zoe’s Law: will changing foetuses’ legal status endanger abortion rights?

A proposed law being debated in the New South Wales parliament that aims to recognise the foetus as a person has sparked concerns about encroachments on women’s reproductive rights. But similar laws in…

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