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Photosynthesis converts low-energy photons into usable energy; it may teach us how to do the same. papalars

New chlorophyll could hold the key to more efficient solar panels

As the great spectre of climate change continues to loom large over the future, the search for viable, renewable energy sources is becoming ever more important. Solar power has long been seen as a vital…
Chemicals tend to get a bad press, but we wouldn’t be here without them. abiomkar

We eat what we are – let’s detoxify the word ‘chemical’

One of the best tricks of making a horror movie is not to show too much, allowing the imagination to create the monster. We can’t see molecules, which is what makes them scary. We fill this vacuum with…
Ezio Rizzardo (left) and David Solomon won the prize for the invention of smart polymers. Prime Minister's Science Prizes/Bearcage

Smart plastic inventors win PM’s science prize

Two Australian chemists have won the 2011 Prime Minister’s Prize for Science for the invention of “smart plastic” technology…
We don’t know exactly how the Earth formed, but we know it was messy. adametrnal

Journey to the centre of the earth: how our planet evolved

We know a lot about how humans evolved. But when it comes to our planet, we’re on shakier ground. Inert (nonreactive) gases, such as helium, neon and argon, trapped inside the mantle (Earth’s thickest…
They may have the same active ingredient, but fillers, colours and lubricants may vary. Flickr/Harsh Vardhan

Explainer: how do generic medicines compare with brand leaders?

“Would you like the generic brand of that medicine?” It’s a question you’ve probably been asked, or at least heard, when picking up a prescription at your local pharmacy. It’s likely you were told the…

Bubbles pack a punchy pop

The focused energy surge that comes from collapsing bubbles has provided scientists with a clean way to drive not only chemical…

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