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Voting is the most important undertaking a citizen has in a democracy. With the Ontario election upon us and others looming, consider some non-partisan advice on how to cast your ballot. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn

How to cast your ballot: The non-partisan’s voting guide

How you vote is an indication of the role you think government plays in society. As elections loom in Canada and beyond, here's a guide to non-partisan, responsible voting.
One only has to know Malcolm Turnbull’s nature to understand his deep frustration at the government’s internal dissent. Ben MacMahon/AAP

The way things are heading, it will be a let down if we aren’t voting on July 2

The momentum for a July 2 double dissolution has accelerated with Malcolm Turnbull opening the way to bring the May 10 budget forward by a week. “The budget will be in May,” he said on Tuesday, as he prepared…
Clive Palmer, who is locked in a tight battle for the seat of Fairfax, has called for another election to be held, citing improper conduct by the AEC. AAP/Dave Hunt

Australia’s robust voting system deserves praise, not criticism

Tony Abbott was today sworn in as Australia’s 28th prime minister. The election results, however, are yet to be formally declared, with some controversy surrounding the counting of votes in the electorate…

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