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Protesters hold banners during a mass protest in Pretoria calling for President Jacob Zuma to step down. Kim Ludbrook/EPA

South Africa’s crisis: Calling things by their true name

On both economic and political dimensions South Africa potentially has a long way further to fall from its current messy institutional realities.
Paul Odihambo shows off a bore well in his village outside of Kisumu, Kenya that a DIY aid group donated. Susan Appe

Will Trump’s cuts inspire more DIY foreign aid?

With steep budget cuts looming, a growing number of tiny volunteer-driven organizations are delivering aid on their own. Will the Trump administration inspire even more small-scale global giving?
A new tuition block towers above older buildings at the University of Nairobi. Not even Kenya’s top institution is spared in a new quality audit. Reuters/Noor Khamis

Kenya’s universities have been adrift for years, they must now get a grip

Serious management failures have cast a shadow over the long term survival of Kenya's universities. But a new audit presents an opportunity to restore the reputation of the university system.

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