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Australian Twitter News Index: Hunting Down Spammers

We start this week’s ATNIX with a brief detour – please bear with me, or just skip down to the next section if you’re only interested in this week’s results. The approach to researching the uses of Twitter…

Australian Twitter News Index: The Calm before the Storm?

This week’s ATNIX arrives with some delay, due to other work commitments, to the point that it’s almost time already to begin work on ATNIX 46/2012. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in and examine…

Australian Twitter News Index: Of hair loss and other spam

Before we get to the core of this week’s Australian Twitter News Index, a small excursion into the grubbier regions of the Twittersphere is necessary, I’m afraid. Every week, we track all the tweets which…

Australian Twitter News Index: Big Week, Few Highlights

Much has been said about the national and global response to Julia Gillard’s extraordinary attack on Tony Abbott, which dominated the Australian Twitter News Index for week 41/2012 – but sooner or later…

Australian Twitter News Index: Gillard Goes Global

This week’s ATNIX was always going to be centrally about one thing: Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s extraordinary, sustained, and (it seems?) largely unscripted attack of Opposition Leader Tony…

Australian Twitter News Index: Not All about Alan Jones

As I write this, the controversy over Alan Jones’s indefensible remarks about the Prime Minister’s late father continues – fuelled by Jones’s belligerent apology, the withdrawal of advertisers from Jones’s…