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Performing Femininity

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Children’s TV is political … even Peppa Pig

In a recent post to his Telegraph blog, Piers Akerman identifies a series of faults with the ABC that stem from its purported left-wing bias. It includes a surprising jab at the British television program…
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Does Australian TV Need the ABC?

After Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi’s recent statement that the ABC’s funding should be cut and that the broadcaster should run paid advertisements, several “Save Our ABC” campaigns have swung into effect…
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Cultural cringe and Ja'mie, Private School Girl

Australians love to know that we’ve been noticed overseas. When floods and fires strike, news broadcasts frequently ensure that excerpts from CNN or Fox are shown. It doesn’t matter if the event is a naturally…
everybody makes fun of the redneck.

A TV viewer’s guide to surviving the apocalypse

If doomsday should arrive, then apparently I would have little more than a week or two before I starved to death or was killed by desperate neighbours scavenging for baked beans. I took the Doomsday Preppers…

Good evening, and welcome to television

As a child during the 1980s, I was never told television would give me square eyes or rot my brain. In my household, watching TV was a shared family pleasure. It required canny negotiation skills in order…