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Is America’s digital economy facing a stormy future? Filipe Frazao/

Is America’s digital leadership on the wane?

The digital economy in the US is already on the verge of stalling; failing to protect an open internet would further erode the United States’ digital competitiveness.
Investing in pupils’ maths skills is an investment in a country’s economy. Global Partnership for Education/Flickr

South Africa can’t compete globally without fixing its attitude to maths

Good quality education fuels an economy. South Africa needs to increase its supply of science and technology university graduates. But instead it's lowering the bar, especially when it comes to maths.
With its competitiveness agenda, the Abbott government faces a politically fraught path to reform. Lukas Coch/AAP

New industry policy welcome, but reform process is just beginning

The Abbott government’s Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda is an economic policy statement likely to define its term in government. The Agenda has four planks in the government’s efforts to…
There’s plenty of value between an idea and its commercialisation. Shutterstock

Australian industry must shift its narrow approach to innovation

One of the key planks of the government’s new Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda is a desire to boost collaboration between business and industry, the scientific and research communities and…
Prime Minister Tony Abbott says the selection of five sectors for “growth centres” is not picking winners but “playing to our strengths”. Lukas Coch/AAP

Competitiveness agenda lays path for industry-led innovation: experts react

The federal government has released its National Industry Investment and Competitiveness Agenda, committing around A$400 million towards “industry growth centres”, new tax incentives for employee share…
The Abbott government is preparing to lay out its plan to support Australian industries to compete globally. Ben Macmahon/AAP

A thinking country’s guide to competing on the global stage

With major employers heading offshore and employment numbers decimated, what will emerge from the ashes of Australia’s manufacturing industry? And what role should manufacturing play in the federal government’s…
A poor report card on Australia’s productivity carried some obvious flaws. Flickr

Gloomy productivity report hides some fatal flaws

This week’s global report ranking Australia’s productivity growth performance second-last on a list of 51 countries raised eyebrows and prompted calls for urgent action. The Australian Human Resources…
Australia’s global competitiveness has slipped, according to a global study: but it is worth exploring some of its assumptions. AAP

World competitiveness rankings: what do they tell us?

The IMD World Competitiveness Rankings released this week are worth reflecting on, not so much because of the relative positioning of various countries - including Australia - but rather because of the…

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