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Is everything written by an Australian automatically “Australian writing”? Mark Wassell/Flickr

True Blue? Crime fiction and Australia

Michael Robotham is the second Australian writer to win the Golden Dagger, but is his book Australian? And does it matter?
Mishani’s novels centre on rather ordinary Israelis, their ordinary lives and the tragedies that befall them. Thomas Renken

Never read an Israeli crime novel? Try some Dror Mishani

Not every crime novel needs a Jason Bourne. Mishani eschews the obvious world of Mossad agents and terrorist plots you might expect in an Israeli crime novel – and the results are thrilling.
Joaquin Phoenix plays hippy private eye Doc in Inherent Vice. Warner Bros. Pictures

Inherent Vice: how to adapt a difficult book for the screen

In a revealing moment from Inherent Vice, Thomas Pynchon’s 2009 “nostalgia-noir” novel, hippy private eye Doc Sportello speaks to a client, Trillium Fortnight, who is able to diagnose the whereabouts of…
PD James died on November 27, aged 94. Henning Kaiser/EPA

Long live the work of PD James, crime fiction pioneer

The news of P D James’s passing has inevitably prompted me to consider the Queen of Crime and what she created. But her death has made me think not of loss, but of what the genre, and me, have gained…
Why do dictatorships make such a compelling backdrop for crime fiction? Dean Ayres/Flickr

Why dictators and detectives are a good match in crime fiction

Dictators dislike detective novels. Both fascist Italy and Nazi Germany outlawed crime fiction in 1941. The crime novel, according to the Italian Ministry of Popular Culture, weakened the health of the…
Popular fiction and artistic merit are often considered mutually exclusive – not here. chiaralily

The case for Peter Temple’s The Broken Shore

Crime novel covers are often plastered with endorsements: “A terrific read,” “A real page-turner,” or “Author Y is the next Author X.” It’s far less common to read quotes such as the following from Fairfax…
In Spain, the unchallenged capital of crime fiction is undoubtedly Barcelona. Alexandre Dulaunoy

Barcelona Shadows: death is everywhere and life is cheap

Detectives don’t walk down just any old mean street. They prefer them well trodden. London, Los Angeles, Paris, and Tokyo are all favoured haunts for crime fiction writers. In Spain, the unchallenged capital…
Australian crime fiction hit the regions on 2013 – and international crime held a few surprises too. jcoterhals

Out of the big smoke: crime fiction in 2013

Oddly enough and against trend – all those Scandinavian crime novels bobbing up in translation – I spent most of the year travelling Australia in crime fiction. From East (Peter Cotton’s Canberra in Dead…

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