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This is my doorbell finger. EPA/Facundo Arrizabalaga

Ed Miliband bets on movement politics to win Labour the election

Ed Miliband’s promise to hold four million doorstep chats with voters during this year’s electoral campaign was met with derision by some commentators. The Guardian mockingly calculated that the Labour…
Ed’s Scottish banana skin. Peter Byrne/PA

Labour really does face a tough battle in Scotland

May’s general election is widely being viewed as one of the most unpredictable in living memory. Yet there is one prediction that can probably be safely made – the campaign in Scotland will be a very distinct…
4 million houses is how many chocolate Hob Nobs? Peter Byrne/PA Wire

When Miliband comes a-knocking, will anyone be home?

Ed Miliband has kicked off the 2015 election campaign with a new strategy. He’ll be shunning glossy advertising to meet people at their doors. But it’s already clear that he will have to fight to be heard…
Say it loud, say it clear. Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Labour has fumbled immigration – but there may be a way out

Ed Miliband has admitted that Labour is “on a journey” when it comes to immigration. He has promised that his party “will never again turn our backs on people who are worried about immigration” but also…
Jim’s the new heid bummer. Danny Lawson/PA

Jim Murphy wins in Scotland … but can he save Ed Miliband?

So the bookies were right. The new leader of Labour in Scotland is indeed Jim Murphy. The challenge from Neil Findlay (less so Sarah Boyack) wasn’t enough to produce an upset. Not only is the future of…
‘No, you love Juncker more.’ Paul Rogers/PA

Labour and the Lib Dems are crashing the Eurosceptic party

As prime minister David Cameron works on the finishing touches of his much-awaited speech on Europe and immigration he is under considerable pressure from his backbenchers and some frontbenchers to signal…
Is that the best you can do? EPA/Andy Rain

Clueless Labour plotters need to learn the rules of opposition

If we’ve learned anything from Labour backbenchers over the past four-and-a-half years it’s that being in opposition can seriously damage your cognitive abilities. At least, that appears to be the only…
See? Some people still like him. Peter Byrne/PA Wire

Voter survey shows Miliband panic is overblown

There is a wobble going on in the Labour party over Ed Miliband’s leadership. A number of Labour backbenchers are said to be becoming increasingly nervous about retaining their seats in next year’s general…

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