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A growing number of adverse events are reportedly linked to the consumption of energy drinks, such as Red Bull. Nattu/Flickr

Energy drinks and sudden death: US regulators investigate

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating a series of deaths reportedly linked to the consumption of energy drinks and shots. The investigation comes amid a growing number of reports of…
Pharmaceutical companies undertake clinical trials to determine whether a potential new drug meets the requirements for market authorisation. Chain of figures photo from

How to get drug companies to put needs before profits

New medicines must be approved as safe, efficacious and of good quality before they can be prescribed. But authors of two recent articles in the British Medical Journal argue that governments should introduce…
An FDA audit of CSL’s laboratories has found the company doesn’t follow good manufacturing practice. AAP

CSL gets warning shot from US drug regulator

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has just issued a warning letter about the safety of CSL’s influenza vaccine, Fluvax. The letter follows FDA’s latest annual inspection of CSL laboratories and…

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