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Only a small proportion of Australians who use methamphetamines fall into a category of dependent users. Thomas Hawk/Flickr

Political fear-mongering just magnifies the harm ice can do

There is no doubt methamphetamine can cause harm. But when politicians hijack drug issues and overplay them for political purposes, that too can cause harm.
The market for the drug is controlled by criminals recruiting dependent users to act as their agents, who recruit yet more users to keep feeding their addiction. Don Hankins/Flickr

Five things parents can do to help young people escape ice

Recent news of former NSW premier’s daughter Harriet Wran being charged with murder is another illustration of Australia’s growing problem with the drug ice. Wran, who is said to have been battling an…
After long periods of regular use, changes to the dopamine system can mean users appear flat and unmotivated. Shutterstock

Ice age: who has used crystal meth – and why?

If you’ve listened to the news lately, you might think that Australia is overrun with uncontrollably violent people on crystal methamphetamine. This may be true of those in crisis, but the bigger picture…
We need to know more about how ice sheets interact with the warming oceans and warming atmosphere. Greenpeace/ADavies

Improving sea-level projections

Satellite and in situ observations show sea level is continuing to rise. In the last Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, earth system model projections indicated global sea-level rise by…
Melting Arctic Sea ice should be the warning we need about expanding coal exports. Michael Sonnabend

On Arctic Sea ice melt and coal mine canaries

Despite peak global temperatures in 2005 and 2010 (unprecedented in the instrumental record), a recent sharp plunge in volume of the Arctic Sea ice and a spate of extreme weather events, coal mining, coal…
Around 50% of Canada’s ice shelf has disappeared in the last six years, researchers say. Denis Sarrazin, ArcticNet/Centre d'Etudes Nordiques

Canadian ice shelves halve in six years

Half of Canada’s ancient ice shelves have disappeared in the last six years, researchers have said, with new data showing…

Arctic ice at its lowest

Arctic sea ice coverage is at its lowest since observations began in 1972. Ice coverage in the Arctic has declined by 11…

On again, off again for Arctic ice

New research indicates that although Arctic sea ice will melt away as the climate continues to warm, it may temporarily stabilise…

Tsunami breaks off icebergs

For the first time scientists have observed the power of a tsunami to break off large icebergs in Antarctica. The tsunami…
Abuse of methamphetamines like ice are at increased risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, a study has found. Flickr/EMSL

Methamphetamine abuse linked to Parkinson’s

People hospitalised for abuse of methamphetamines like crystal meth or ice have a 76% higher risk of developing Parkinson’s…

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