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The closure of BlueScope’s no 6 Blast Furnace at Port Kembla was an acknowledgement that Australia simply cannot compete with our cheaper Asian rivals.

Glimmers of hope in the steel industry’s darkest hour

The $1 billion dollar annual loss announced by BlueScope Steel confirmed what is common knowledge: the Australian steel industry is in crisis and fighting for survival. The latest statistics show that…
Manufacturing has a future in Australia - but only if it can reposition itself up the global value chain.

The blueprint for a smarter Australia starts with manufacturing

Can anything new be said about the future of manufacturing in Australia? Yesterday’s report, Smarter Manufacturing for a Smarter Australia submitted yesterday to Prime Minister Julia Gillard, is a detailed…
Cuts to the R&D tax incentives for Australian businesses - as proposed by the Business Tax Working Group - have significant implications for our future economic wellbeing. Image from

Scrapping the R&D tax incentive is hardly a smart idea for economic policy

The Business Tax Working Group discussion paper’s suggestion to reduce the R&D tax incentive reveals a clear-cut attitude to policy aimed at Australia’s economic development: “It’s all about the tax…
Our current and future prosperity depends on innovation and research says Greens MP Adam Bandt. chase_elliott

Academic warns against repeating R&D tax incentive mistakes

Adjusting the tax concession on research and development could have a significant impact on university and industry partnerships…
Ingenious innovation of the ancient world does not cease to amaze. Tilemahos Efthimiadis

Antikythera to the SKA: lessons from the ancients

Modern humans may think they are clever, and each generation typically thinks it’s more intelligent than those that came before. Hence, it can be a shock to discover civilisations existing thousands of…
If we’re going to hit our innovation targets, we need to harness growth. nyoin

Challenge 14: the road to innovation transformation

In part 14 of our multi-disciplinary Millennium Project series, Stephen McGrail argues that boosting innovation requires us to change our thinking as much as our technology. Global challenge 14: How can…
The future health of Australian manufacturing depends on bridging the gap between research organisations and business. AAP

Closing the innovation gap is the key to the survival of manufacturing

As we are only too aware, manufacturing in Australia is currently under a great deal of pressure, operating in a relatively high cost environment, facing significant international competition and taking…
Orchestra of nature: artist Bartholomäus Traubeck has converted pieces of trees into music. Eric C Bryan

Forest sonata: listening to the music of the trees

What is the music of trees? German artist Bartholomäus Traubeck spun slices of logs on turntables that translate their textures and annual rings into music. Traubeck calls the result Years, and I played…
In the UK, innovation and research has been at the forefront of the government’s economic policy agenda. bisgovuk

Innovation or stagnation? Lessons Australia could learn from the UK

After decades in the wilderness, industry policy is back centrally on the economic agenda in the UK. What is striking is how the policy is being driven by strong evidence on what works from years of accumulated…
Unveiled: from the fanfare of the new Camry model last year, Toyota has axed 350 jobs this week. AAP

It’s technology, stupid: manufacturing’s crucial role in our economy

A week after Toyota announced redundancies at its Altona plant in Melbourne, Holden confirmed the loss of 100 casual jobs at its manufacturing plant in Adelaide. Holden chief Mike Devereux said the cuts…

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