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Pocket your phone without worry. Phone image via

Why you can’t fry eggs (or testicles) with a cellphone

Did your holiday gift list include radiation-shielding undies to protect your privates from cellphone radio waves? A radiation expert explains they're unnecessary – your phone won't affect your fertility.
Should parents be allowed to select the sex of their child through IVF when there’s no compelling medical reason to do so? Marcus Hansson/Fkickr

Why we should consider whether it’s time to allow sex selection in IVF: NHMRC

The National Health and Medical Research Council call for public submissions on whether sex selection should be allowed without a medical reason recognises changing social attitudes.
If proposed Victorian laws are enacted, they will be a world-first for donor-conception. Vlad Teodor/Shutterstock

Donor conception, secrecy and the search for information

Historically, donors were told it was best they were anonymous, while recipients were told it was best not to tell their child.
Gird your loins. Shutterstock

Are plastics making men infertile?

Recent research into the health effects of the plastic-making chemicals phthalates has reignited concerns about low sperm counts. But the evidence is far from conclusive.
Russian model Irina Shayk is sure to turn heads off the pitch … but will boyfriend and Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo be able to keep his mind on the game? EPA/Walter Bieri

To score, or not to score? Sex, WAGs and the World Cup

While watching their national teams play in the World Cup, spectators may have their attention drawn away from the “beautiful game” on the pitch to the beautiful people off the pitch – the footballers…

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