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Plants are expert photosynthesisers, but humans are catching up. Galactic Circus Diplodocus/Flickr

New global solar fuel project to improve on photosynthesis

Plants have been making fuel and food from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide for billions of years. Oil, coal, wood and natural gas can be called “old-photosynthesis” fuels. As the human population approaches…
Should the solar power be taxed? AAP.

Should solar panel payments be taxed?

Solar panel payments are much in the news of late. NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell has backed down on retrospectively cutting the solar panel payment from 60 cents per kilowatt hour to 40 cents per kilowatt…
Laws rewarding informants could help crack down on fraud regarding medicines. anolobb/Flickr

Sing for your supper: why Australia should reward corporate informants

Federal and state governments in Australia appear much less successful than their United States counterparts in recovering taxpayers funds lost to suspected large-scale corporate fraud. For instance, there…
Who wouldn’t walk away from an agreement that locks Tasmania into a backward future? ialla/Flickr

Pulping Tasmania’s future

The peace talks underway about Tasmania’s forests are as rich in ironies and paradoxes as Tasmania’s old-growth forests are in carbon. The current direction of the peace talks locks Tasmania into a pulpwood…
Good governance makes for boring pictures, but trustworthy carbon pricing. AAP

Why Australia needs a carbon bank

The World Bank ranks Australia among the top five countries in the world in terms of its regulatory environment. Australia also ranks in the top ten countries in terms of control of corruption. International…
The virulent E. coli is likely to have spread through contaminated vegetables.

From farm to the plate: Europe’s deadly E. coli outbreak

E. coli is a common germ that has traditionally caused blood stream infections and urinary tract infections. The virulent strain we’re seeing in Europe which has infected more than 1500 people and killed…
The move away from nuclear energy may be counterproductive. Greenpeace Finland

We can’t abandon nuclear now

It won’t surprise many people that world carbon emissions have failed to slow down, but the fact we’re now at risk of surpassing targets set for nine years hence, intended to limit the global rise in temperature…
Information technology can help developing countries tackle corruption. mordicaicaeli/flickr

Corruption, computers and the developing world.

Corruption in the developing world is a major cause of poverty. Corruption is certainly not limited to poor nations, and since the 1980s, western countries have been able to use Information and Communications…
The Bill seeks to close the loophole opened by the US Patent Office 30 years ago. AAP

Who owns the rights to the human body? It’s patently obvious

Read the argument against the proposed legislation Patents are only to be for granted inventions - that’s the intent of the Patents Act 1990, it has been the law for nearly 400 years, and it’s also what…
The successful anti-mining tax campaign may cement Rinehart’s rich-list position. AAP

Spooking Labor was Rinehart’s smartest investment

Now that Gina Rinehart has more than doubled her fortune in one year to top the 2011 BRW Rich 200 list, she will no doubt see her contribution to last year’s $22 million campaign to stop Labor’s resources…
Australia needs professional migrants to fill skills gaps. AAP/David Crosling

Australia not about to turn its back on immigration

Australia has been a nation of immigrants since 1788. It has always sought additions to its population to increase its prosperity and economic strength. But two recent controversies have distracted us…

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