Georgia State University

Georgia State University, an enterprising urban public research university, is a national leader in graduating students from widely diverse backgrounds.

Centered in the historic financial hub of downtown Atlanta, the university provides more than 32,000 students with unsurpassed connections to the city’s business, government, nonprofit and cultural organizations.

The university offers 250 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in more than 100 fields of study in its eight colleges and schools.


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Some police reform efforts encourage stations to hire more educated officers. vchal/

College-educated cops enforce the law more aggressively

Officers with college degrees were significantly more likely to pull over drivers for less serious violations, search drivers or their vehicles and make arrests on discretionary grounds.
A woman walks past Robert Graham’s sculpture, ‘Dance Door,’ in Los Angeles, 2015. AP Photo/Nick Ut

The unimaginable costs of sexual assault

A well-known scholar of violence against women describes her own harrowing assault – and how the #MeToo movement changed her professionally and personally.
Does your body give away if you’re lying or not? AP Photo/Edward Kitch

Is a polygraph a reliable lie detector?

It would be great to know for sure when someone is lying and when someone is telling the truth. But no technology that purports to do so is foolproof.
Un plato principal de carbohidratos y proteínas complejos es importante para el almuerzo de los niños; se puede complementar con frutas, vegetales y agua. baibaz/

Consejos para preparar almuerzos saludables para niños, sin estrés

Una buena nutrición es clave para el aprendizaje, pero a menudo es difícil preparar un almuerzo saludable. Aquí van algunos consejos nutricionales y organizativos.
Como dijera Mark Twain, “Viajar es un ejercicio con consecuencias fatales para los prejuicios, la intolerancia y la estrechez de mente”. Jake Simonds-Malamud, CC BY-SA

El turista humanista: cuando viajar es más que un hobby

La globalización ha hecho más viable visitar lugares lejanos y es cada vez más fácil sentirse en casa mientras estamos en el extranjero. Pero viajar aún tiene muchos beneficios para el turista.
A statue in Port-au-Pirnce honors Jean-Jacques Dessalines’ legacy as a Haitian revolutionary. Now, a renamed Brooklyn street does, too. AP Photo/Dieu Nalio Chery

Meet Haiti’s founding father, whose black revolution was too radical for Thomas Jefferson

A renamed Brooklyn street celebrates Jean-Jacques Dessalines, a Haitian slave turned president. For centuries his legacy was tarnished by allegations that Haiti's revolution led to 'white genocide.'
Victims or their family members react to a Pennsylvania grand jury investigation that identified more than 1,000 child victims of clergy sexual abuse. AP/Matt Rourke

Civil lawsuits are the only way to hold bishops accountable for abuse cover-ups

In the wake of new revelations about clergy sex abuse and cover-up in Pennsylvania, civil lawsuits brought by abuse victims may be the only effective way to hold Catholic church officials accountable.
A main course of a complex carbohydrate and protein is important for kids’ lunches, rounded out by fruits, vegetables and water. baibaz/

Is there such a thing as a stress-free school lunch? Here’s how to pack one

Nutrition is a key part of learning, but it's often hard to get students to eat a healthful lunch. It can be even harder to pack one. Here are some nutritional and organizational tips.

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