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Louis Armstrong was used by the US government as a political tool.

Insipid International Jazz Day whitewashes a fractious past

Jazz is filling the radio waves and culture sections in honour of International Jazz Day. The day is organised by UNESCO, who say that the event, first run in 2012, is designed to celebrate the music for…
Raucous, often unfair, but free. Let’s keep it that way. John Stillwell/PA Wire

State intimidation of journalists leaves media freedom in jeopardy

I have never met the Croydon Advertiser’s chief reporter, Gareth Davies, but I know a lot of other journalists and people who have. They all say he would be the last person on earth capable of criminally…
Bags of talent: Chinese migrants outside Beijing’s rail terminal. EPA/How Hwee Young

Beijing shows we must rethink what makes a ‘skilled’ migrant

Mass migration is a huge issue in China’s fast-growing cities, deepening existing anxieties about urban sprawl, the overheated real estate markets, overcrowding, land disputes, and social unrest. On a…
Funding cuts have forced organisations into a perilous struggle for survival. roncaglia

Our arts organisations are in a dance of death

Arts organisations and museums all over the country will have been scrambling to get their grant applications in to the Arts Council by 12pm. And they should be worried. The news in all of the culture…
Stills from Steve McQueen’s student film work. Goldsmiths, University of London

The film industry finally wakes up to what artists have to offer

Steve McQueen’s success at the Oscars has prompted much talk of the connection between art and film, and his ability to “straddle these two worlds”. But why is it so surprising that these worlds must be…
There’s much binding in Broadcasting House. Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Flawed and could improve, but BBC is still the best of British

If the current media debate about the future of the BBC is anything to go by, the corporation seems to be facing the gravest crisis of its 92-year history. Indeed, this week a book with the title: “Is…
Long arm of the law reaches onto campus. Anna Gowthorpe/PA Archive

University lecturers must remain educators, not border guards

The increasingly stringent control of student migration by the Home Office is damaging both the integrity of our relationships as teachers with students and the future of our universities. It was for this…
im elsewhere

Why I won’t be going to see Nymphomaniac

Quite apart from the obvious reason, that four hours of anyone’s life is a lot to ask, the heart and soul of it is that Lars von Trier is one of the great proofs of the auteur theory. Auteurists believe…
Students at last February’s London Fashion Week. SUARTS

Rely on unpaid interns and fashion will fall apart at the seams

It is often said that, without interns, London Fashion Week wouldn’t run at all. At last year’s edition of the event, representatives from this usually invisible workforce made an appearance, demonstrating…
Until Ed, spooks and hacks have always rubbed along well. Shutterstock

Why journalists should rally in defence of the D-notice

In the wake of Edward Snowden affair, the government is holding a review of the operations of the Defence Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee (DPBAC) and what is generally known as the “D-Notice…
Read between the lines, and you’re reading the truth. Sean Dempsey/PA

Protect journalists’ sources or give up on British democracy

This week, the World Association of Newspapers begins investigating the condition of press freedom in Britain, while national newspapers report that a chief constable wants Channel 4 to hand over material…
Michael Douglas brandishes his Golden Globe for Behind the Candelabra. EPA/Paul Buck

How global are the Golden Globes?

So who knew that Behind the Candelabra was a TV movie? The most interesting part of Golden Globes is the nominations for the “minor” awards. Of course, lots of the TV series don’t make their way overseas…

Cinema versus anti-immigration rhetoric

Right-wing extremists in the UK are targeting east European migrants, whipping up what could soon become race riots. New forms of populist repression masquerade as protection of a fictive idea Englishness…
Peter O'Toole at the 2007 Oscars. EPA/Sean Masterson

Remembering Peter O'Toole

I cannot be entirely sure – the building is now entirely refurbished under a new name, and there is no easily accessible record, but sometime around 1970 I believe I saw Peter O'Toole in Waiting for Godot…

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