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Grattan Institute aspires to contribute to public policy in Australia as a liberal democracy in a globalised economy. Our work is objective, evidence-driven and non-aligned. We foster informed public debate on the key issues for Australia through both public events and private forums engaging key decision makers and the broader community. Twitter: @GrattanInst


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With a carbon price, is it OK to start small? ntr23/Flickr

Could smaller be better? Shrinking the carbon tax scheme

There is considerable media speculation that the Government will announce a carbon tax applying to a much smaller number of companies than had previously been expected. As with much of what is announced…
Manufacturers may be forced to accept profit margins will continue to narrow.

Explainer: What a strong Australian dollar actually means

The Australian dollar has been striking new post-float highs against the US dollar in recent weeks, and according to a number of prominent market economists could reach US$1.10 before the end of this year…

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