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These everlasting flowers in Victoria’s alps may not last forever. Susanna Venn

How we can help nature adapt to climate change

Last October, I attended a symposium about managing biodiversity in Victoria under climate change. One of the outcomes of that conference is a new website called VicNature 2050, which provides a list of…
Militant suffragettes used arson and vandalism to draw attention to their struggle. Did they have a moral right to do so? Victoria Woodhull attempting to vote in 1871, via Everett Historical.

Militant suffragettes: morally justified, or just terrorists?

The movie Suffragettes shows the occasionally violent and sensational tactics used by militant suffragettes. Were these justified?
If this detonation was a hydrogen bomb test, then it was likely less successful than the North Korean leadership may have hoped. Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji

North Korea tests again: the ritual of Korean Peninsula nuclear politics

North Korea remains committed to perfecting a deployable nuclear weapon capability. It is confident in the understanding that there appears little the international community can do to prevent it.
Cricketer Chris Gayle apologised at a press conference at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport. Josh Robenstone

We need to do more about sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment at work is extremely common. In fact some studies suggest that most women will experience some type of sexual harassment during their working lives. A range of behaviours may constitute…
Gareth Evans, foreign minister in the Hawke government, brought an ambitious vision for Australia’s international diplomacy to cabinet. AAP

Cabinet papers 1990: the new world order that fizzled

There is little of Gareth Evans’ sweeping analysis in the cabinet papers of 1990-91 of a rapidly changing world order or of his vision of good international citizenship.
The cultural context in which class, ethnic and racial tensions explode into open violence must be analysed honestly. AAP Image/Paul Miller

Friday essay: a response to the Cronulla riots, ten years on

Australia's key foundation stories have a narrative arc based on the slow simmering of social tension and anxiety culminating in an explosive release of group hostility. Was Cronulla any different?
Today many donor-conceived children are adults and the impacts on their sense of identity have become clear, so Victoria is set to open the records of formerly anonymous donors. Reuters/Kacper Pempel

As Victoria opens sperm donor records, the key question is: do contact vetoes work?

In a world first, Victoria plans to retrospectively open the records of formerly anonymous sperm donors to all donor-conceived people. A system of contact vetoes aims to manage the privacy concerns.
One of Tony Abbott’s first acts on coming to office was to remove Martin Parkinson (left) as Treasury secretary. AAP/Saeed Khan

Review: Political Amnesia – How We Forgot How To Govern

Debate, serious discussion and deliberation are valued highly in a democracy not just for their own sake, but because they are considered essential to testing the quality of ideas and arguments.
Telling people to use a condom won’t prevent HIV because some women can’t convince their partner to use them. Mike Segar/Reuters

We need more than condoms to prevent HIV in women

Used properly and consistently, condoms are the most effective, affordable, and low-tech way to prevent HIV. But unfortunately, condoms are not an easy option for everyone – particularly women.
Charlie Sheen revealed he is HIV positive and has spent millions paying people to keep quiet. Why? Reuterspics/Mike Segar

Charlie Sheen and ten million dollars worth of HIV stigma

That Charlie Sheen would have to pay millions of dollars to keep his HIV status private is indicative of the level of stigma still attached to it.
Narcissism is the current favoured scapegoat for our interpersonal and social ills. Beks

Why are we so obsessed with self-obsession?

Narcissism is the current favoured scapegoat for our interpersonal and social ills. But guess what? We are all infected – especially you!

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