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Monash University was established in 1958 and welcomed its first intake of students in 1961. In its fifty year history, the university has established itself as one of Australia’s finest tertiary institutions, building an enviable reputation for both its outstanding teaching and its transformative research. Today, Monash is Australia’s largest university, boasting a global network of more than 250,000 alumni.


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The first autonomous vehicles are already upon us, but once their use becomes widespread they will change cities as surely as the original cars did. AAP/nuTonomy

Driverless vehicles could bring out the best – or worst – in our cities by transforming land use

It's clear autonomous vehicles will disrupt our cities, their land use and planning. Whether they make urban life better or worse depends on how well we anticipate and adapt to their impacts.
An illustration of the collision of two black holes, an event detected for the first time ever by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO). The SXS (Simulating eXtreme Spacetimes) Project

An award with real gravity: how gravitational waves attracted a Nobel Prize

The 2017 Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to scientists who helped pioneer the discovery of gravitational waves. Australia is playing an important role in gravitational-wave astronomy.
Research shows young people are passionate about issues like marriage equality, but many do not understand how governments are formed and prime ministers elected. Shutterstock

Young Australians are engaged in political issues, but unsure how democracy works

Young people have a poor understanding of Australian democracy, which must be redressed by the education system if they are to become full citizens.
Polisi menyiram air pada massa di depan kantor Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Jakarta. Minggu malam 17 September massa mengepung LBH Jakarta setelah termakan hoaks bahwa ada “seminar PKI”. Antara Foto/Muhammad Adimaja/ via REUTERS

Hiruk pikuk ‘bahaya’ komunis: sampai kapan?

Jawabnya: bila sudah ada alat lain yang bisa dimanfaatkan para politikus untuk ambisi politiknya.
As the opinion polls continue to show the government flagging, Malcolm Turnbull has slid into the ‘beleaguered’ column. AAP/Mick Tsikas

The prime ministership is not terminal – but it needs the right person for the times

The Australian prime ministership has never been easy, but the most successful tenures have been those in which the person has matched the circumstances.
Des migrants attendent d'être secourus par l'Aquarius, le navire affrêté par MSF et SOS Méditerranée, à 30 miles nautiques des côtes libyennes, août 2017. ANGELOS TZORTZINIS / AFP

Centres de transit en Afrique du Nord : une fausse bonne idée pour l’Europe

Loin d'arrêter les flux, les centres d’accueil proposés par Emmanuel Macron et l’Union européenne en Afrique du Nord risquent de mettre encore davantage en danger les migrants.
Melting Antarctic ice can trigger effects on the other side of the globe. NASA/Jane Peterson

How Antarctic ice melt can be a tipping point for the whole planet’s climate

The climate secrets contained in an ancient tree that lived through abrupt global change reveal how Antarctica can trigger rapid warming in the north by dumping cold water into the Southern Ocean.

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