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The University of Edinburgh

Founded in 1583, the University of Edinburgh is one of the world’s top universities. It is globally recognised for its research, development and high-quality teaching, attracting some of the world’s leading thinkers to work and study. The University is one of the UK’s top five universities for research and its academics’ research achievements have global implications. Its scientists created Dolly the Sheep, the first mammal to be genetically cloned from an adult cell. The University developed the first genetically engineered hepatitis B vaccine, pioneered the first automated industrial assembly robot, and devised technology used in today’s smartphones. It is working towards many more historic firsts. With one of the most diverse populations of any Scottish University, two thirds of the world’s nationalities are represented in a student body of more than 31,000.


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If public health bodies and policymakers put greater focus on improving the work environment, it could achieve major gains in population health and reduce health inequities. (Shutterstock)

The impact of work on well-being: 6 factors that will affect the future of work and health inequalities

The work environment is a social determinant of health. However, work has been underused as a lever to address health inequalities.
Buenos Aires, Argentina; 28 de mayo de 2019. Manifestación del movimiento feminista en apoyo a la presentación de la ley por el aborto legal, seguro y gratuito, en la cámara de diputados de la nación. Laura Rivas/Shutterstock

Breve historia del aborto: de las antiguas hierbas egipcias a la lucha actual contra el estigma

El aborto tiene una larga y variada historia y sigue siendo fundamental en nuestra cultura, nuestras vidas e incluso nuestro arte.
Quand les femmes doivent gérer les symptômes de la ménopause au travail, les réseaux sociaux informels constituent un soutien précieux. Lucky Business/Shutterstock

Pourquoi c’est une bonne chose de parler de la ménopause au travail

Les initiatives pour permettre aux femmes de parler de santé et de bien-être au travail peuvent être formelles ou non. Mais elles doivent cibler les besoins individuels en matière d’accompagnement.


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