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Founded in 1583, the University of Edinburgh is one of the world’s top universities. It is globally recognised for its research, development and high-quality teaching, attracting some of the world’s leading thinkers to work and study. The University is one of the UK’s top five universities for research and its academics’ research achievements have global implications. Its scientists created Dolly the Sheep, the first mammal to be genetically cloned from an adult cell. The University developed the first genetically engineered hepatitis B vaccine, pioneered the first automated industrial assembly robot, and devised technology used in today’s smartphones. It is working towards many more historic firsts. With one of the most diverse populations of any Scottish University, two thirds of the world’s nationalities are represented in a student body of more than 31,000


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Exciting times for school kids. Lupuca

Keep it creative to get kids into coding

A new subject is to be introduced in England to kick start our technological future. Instead of teaching ICT, the national curriculum published this week calls on schools to teach computing. This new way…
In control: army tanks outside the Ministry of Defence, Cairo, June 2012. iPolitics via Creative Commons

‘One hand’, many heads: the role of the army in Egypt

In the wake of the shooting of at least 51 supporters of former president Muhammad Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party is calling for a popular uprising against the generals that…
Does my brain look small in this? Scans can be used to detect brain shrinkage. Flickr/bucaorg

Brain scan library will help us understand normal ageing

As many as 500 brain scans are performed in Scotland every week. These scans are mostly used to diagnose - or rule out - serious diseases like strokes and tumours, but this is not their only function…
Software is taken for granted, but remember it allows you to make full use of the hardware. Museum of Science, Boston

Cough up money for software or fall behind in science ranks

Scientific infrastructure is big news. The Large Hadron Collider, based at CERN, has been a success not just in the field of particle physics, but as a scientific cultural icon. The UK wants a piece of…
Copper clad, steel containers for geological disposal: what the best dressed nuclear waste is wearing in Sweden these days. kallerna/Wikipedia

Reaping nuclear rewards means paying the costs

It was said originally that nuclear-powered electricity would be “too cheap to meter”, but in the current climate it is nuclear’s capacity to deliver secure, low-carbon energy that appeals. We all use…
English police have defended their tactics in the riots. AFP/Leon Neal

Police anger after they cop the blame for English riots

English police officers have defended their handling of the riots which erupted in several cities across the country last week. After the worst urban disorder in living memory, leading politicians are…

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