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Established in 1890, the University of Tasmania is the fourth oldest university in Australia. UTAS is committed to the creation, preservation, communication and application of knowledge, as well as excellence in all teaching, research and scholarly activities.


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The culture of science is premised on the idea that there are no barriers; that everybody is treated equally as long as they put in the effort. from

‘Walking into a headwind’ – what it feels like for women building science careers

Parliament has a problem retaining experienced women – and so does science. Working in STEMM places women in an ideological dilemma that is exhausting to confront, and feels impossible to change.
Jeremy Renner as US journalist Gary Webb in the 2014 film Kill The Messenger. The film is an account of Webb’s role in uncovering CIA links to cocaine importation to the US. Sierra / Affinity,Bluegrass Films,The Combine

In defence of conspiracy theories (and why the term is a misnomer)

Ever since the philosopher Karl Popper popularised the expression in the 1950s, conspiracy theories have had a bad reputation. But is it justified?
Berbeda dengan persepsi umum, komunitas dasar laut Antarika begitu beragam. Gambar ini menunjukkan terumbu Timur Antartika yang dalam dengan banyak karang, bunga karang, dan bintang ular. Bisakah kamu melihat gurita? Australian Antarctic Division

Sejarah baru, ilmuwan bisa petakan keanekaragaman hayati di laut Antartika

Kehidupan di dasar permukaan laut ternyata begitu beragam dan separuh dari spesies yang tinggal di sana tidak ditemukan di bumi bagian lain. Ilmuwan telah mampu memetakannya.
In contrast to common perceptions, Antarctic seafloor communities are highly diverse. This image shows a deep East Antarctic reef with plenty of corals, sponges and brittlestars. Can you spot the octopus? Australian Antarctic Division

Antarctic seas host a surprising mix of lifeforms – and now we can map them

Life on the Antarctic seafloor is surprisingly diverse – and half of the species live nowhere else on Earth. Now scientists can accurately map this unique biodiversity.
Some fish fared better than others amid the extreme temperatures of the 2016 heatwave. Rick Stuart-Smith/Reef Life Survey

The 2016 Great Barrier Reef heatwave caused widespread changes to fish populations

The 2016 heatwave that caused mass bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef didn't just kill corals - it also significantly changed the makeup of fish communities that call these reefs home.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull campaigning at a Tasmania factory for Brett Whiteley, the Liberal candidate in the Braddon by-election. Bob Iddon

Byelection guide: what’s at stake on Super Saturday

On Saturday, five federal seats will have a byelection, with particular attention being paid to tight races in Longman and Braddon. And all have implications for the major parties and their leaders.
Shutterstock. Shutterstock

La mitad de las vacunas se echa a perder, pero podremos evitarlo si logramos mantenerlas a temperaturas estables

Las vacunas deben mantenerse frías para seguir siendo eficaces. La falta de electricidad en zonas remotas dificulta esta tarea, lo que reduce el alcance de los fármacos que salvan vidas.

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