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The University of Technology, Sydney is an Australian university with an international focus. UTS is a recognised leader in teaching and learning with a model founded on discovery, creativity and collaboration. UTS research aims to reach out to the world, to drive change and discover practical solutions to national and international problems.

The University of Technology, Sydney is a Founding Partner of The Conversation.



It has been predicted middle-tier universities will “wither on the vine” in the wake of fee deregulation, but they have a unique opportunity to bloom and thrive if they go about it the right way. Flickr/Austin DeArmond

Middle-tier universities in Australia aren’t doomed to wither and die

The “future of universities” has been the subject of much speculation in recent years. Online learning, declining government support, global competition between universities and the rise of universities…

PC logic: let the market solve childcare market failure

The Productivity Commission’s Draft Report on Childcare and Early Childhood Learning shows the serious limitations of market economics for analysing social policy. The report’s 900-plus pages offer a collection…

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