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The University of Technology Sydney is an Australian university with an international focus. UTS is a recognised leader in teaching and learning with a model founded on discovery, creativity and collaboration. UTS research aims to reach out to the world, to drive change and discover practical solutions to national and international problems.


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If only those carbon credits had been used on this. Flickr/Roberto Verzo

Reining in the carbon cowboys - what we can learn from shift2neutral

Fairfax papers reported this morning that one of the world’s biggest carbon offset firms, located in Sydney, has been “shifting paper certificates instead of saving forests”. Shift2neutral has sold carbon…
Choked: Lagos crumbles under the weight of its population. AAP/Pius Utomi Ekpei

Urban trauma: Why we need to rethink our cities

We are entering an era of massive population transfer - a rural exodus of unprecedented proportions. In Asia and Africa farmers and peasants are being lured to mega-cities. This brings myriad benefits…
International students are not fuelling immigration as much as first thought. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

International students impaled on (illusory) population spike

If you’re in politics, population matters. Rival studies on what constitutes a sustainable Australian population project wildly different statistics. But behind the figures are real people whose lives…
The stress a mother experiences during birth can lead to interventions such as caesareans.. Salim Fadhley/flickr

Hospital birth units make stress-heads out of mums

More than 200,000 Australian women give birth in hospital every year, but very few give much thought to the room in which they will do it. Imagine a woman’s surprise when they walk in to discover that…
Last week’s Google Books ruling was a win for copyright protection. AAP

Google Books decision shows we need to turn a new page

The decision by a US Federal Court judge last week to reject a $US125 million settlement between Google Books and the publishing industry allows authors to protect their copyright and prevents Google from…
Accidental discoveries during academic research have changed the world. AAP/Leon Neal

Accidental discovery and the importance of communication

Foundation essay – “If we knew what it was we were doing, it wouldn’t be called research, would it?” While slightly flippant, this comment by Albert Einstein captures the unpredictability of research beautifully…
Not too young to care about super. Sean Dreilinger/Flickr

If you think super is a yawn now, try being old and poor

TV breakfast shows often air the live reactions of people who have answered the phone to win ten thousand dollars or the like. Screams of delight or speechless surprise are usually followed by plans for…
You can achieve a healthy weight gain during pregnancy by eating healthily and being physically active. TuttleTree

Why it’s a bad idea to eat for two during pregnancy

In the past, women have often been told they should eat for two during pregnancy. This old adage is not true anymore, especially if women are overweight or obese when starting their pregnancy. Restricting…
Offsetting air travel is as simple as ticking a box on a website. So why aren’t more of us doing it? AAP

Taking responsibility for your carbon footprint

With the political debate over climate change getting muddier, many people who used to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by buying carbon offsets are no longer doing so. The market for carbon offsets…

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