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Inward-facing prams allow for more interaction with infants but parents shouldn’t feel guilty about what equipment they have. skeddy in NYC/Flickr

Misquoted: how an innocent interview about raising babies led to hate mail

A seemingly harmless interview with a journalist in the lead-up to a public lecture has unleashed a torrent of abuse about my view of one aspect of raising infants. I take some responsibility as my use…
Prime Minister GIllard launches the Australian Multicultural Council in Canberra. AAP

The politics of the Australian Multicultural Council

Multiculturalism may not be flavour of the month, but the launch by Prime Minister Gillard on Monday of the Australian Multicultural Council (AMC) marks a step forward in a policy project restarted by…
Aside from folate, most pregnant women get all the nutrients they need from a balanced diet. Flickr/Future Street

Explainer: what to eat and avoid during pregnancy

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you’ll know what it’s like to be bombarded with mixed messages from well-meaning friends and family about what you should eat and avoid to protect your growing baby. It can…
The rise of the Chinese economy has been stunning - but it may not translate into world order dominance. AAP

This is evolution of the world economic order, not revolution

A new global economic order is not finally taking shape. Instead, the world economic order has been evolving over time, and it will continue to evolve into the future, more often than not, in unexpected…
Intelligent walls could soon help you navigate around public transport. Infostructure/Vinh Nguyen

The smart future of public transport

Can you imagine a public transport environment free from the complications of buying a ticket and validating it? What if fare evaders were automatically singled out for their faux pas? Or how about the…
It will take more than science to save the last tuna from becoming sashimi. x v r/Flickr

Saving tuna from overfishing means playing politics

Fisheries provide animal protein for much of the world’s population, and provide livelihoods for the millions of people who work in fishing industries. But overfishing, in conjunction with other human…
Australia’s retirees have been buffeted this week but remain unaware of how to manage the risks. AAP

Dazed, confused and uninformed: self-funded retirees bear the brunt

Two types of footage illustrated news reports of the financial market turmoil last week: the unlucky teams with frozen smiles ringing the start-of-trade bell at the New York Stock Exchange, and confused…
Simple seagrass can answer some complex climate problems. Joanne Saad

Our home is girt by sea; our land abounds in nature’s carbon sinks

Reducing carbon emissions is necessary, but what about the carbon that has already been released into the atmosphere? Many countries are turning to “biosequestration” for the answers: using nature - including…
Global markets have fallen dramatically over fear of a US double dip recession and global downturn. AAP

Global market carnage: experts respond

The Australian share market has followed Wall street overnight and other global markets, with as much as $60 billion wiped in value throughout the day. The Reserve Bank of Australia has cut the forecast…
A new generation of architects is needed to build our cities. Flickr/MorBCN

Building the future with the next generation of architects

The “future” is something which manifests nowhere more potently than in our cities. Yet a substantial transformation over the past twenty years in the way cities are being made – both in terms of their…
Interventionist or free market - just where do our economists sit? Flickr/Daquella Manera

What our economists really think about politics

A funny thing happened on the way to this year’s Australian Conference of Economists. A survey was conducted of the policy opinions of members of the Economic Society of Australia (ESA). Far from conforming…
If businesses develop the skills to assess energy efficiency, they could be on a winner. Passivehaus via Wikimedia Commons

Businesses could benefit from efficiency under carbon tax

Being energy efficient has always made financial sense for industry. The introduction of the Clean Energy Future package and a price on carbon makes it even more sensible. But many businesses will struggle…
Pacific nations participated enthusiastically in the Shanghai Expo last year. Flickr/thoth188

China’s power in the Pacific

China’s relations with its Pacific neighbours are nothing if not complex. Its trade in the region quadrupled between 1999 and 2006. And if it delivers all of the promised resources, it will become second…

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