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Professor of Physical Education & Recreation Studies, Mount Royal University

While exhaustive work has been done on the Olympic legacy - even the legacy of bidding for the Olympics - to help justify their cost, there is little similar research on the Paralympics. But Dr. David Legg is changing that, preparing to embark on a year-long sabbatical to trace, and analyze, the legacy of the Paralympics. From Seoul, South Korea, the first city to host both Olympic and Paralympic Games together, to the more recent games in Sydney, Australia, Dr. Legg will investigate the cultural, economic and attitudinal impact of the Paralympics.

With Vancouver set to host the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2010, Dr. Legg is using this research to ready himself for those games; as Canada has not hosted the Paralympics since 1976 in Toronto. While most measures or metrics of the Games have been historically difficult to verify, Dr. Legg is looking to measure quantifiable data, as well as attitudinal change in the society towards people with disabilities.


  • 1998–2012
    Professor, Mount Royal University


  • 2001 
    University of Alberta, Ph.D.