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The productivity of parents should not be the main driver for childcare. AAP

We’re hardly the nanny state when it comes to decent childcare

The Productivity Commission is an inappropriate adviser on how best to fund nannies - because many of the problems of the current child care funding model is a result of its market focus. Good services…
Manure is a great source of phosphorus, but we’ve largely removed it from agriculture. Flickr/Amy Alana Star

Time for policy action on global phosphorus security

Without phosphorus we cannot produce food. Yet even as pressure mounts on this critical non-renewable resource, there is a startling lack of global governance of its use and supply. If no one takes responsibility…
Some 67% of organisations offer no training on social media use. Phillie Casablanca

‘Social organisations’ emerge but lack strategy and governance

Almost half of all businesses and organisations in the private and public sector in Australia and developed Asian countries are now using social media, according to research by KPMG. A new term – “the…
The new Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon needs to commit to more serious reforms of human rights in Australia. Flickr/Takver

A flawed and limited plan: Australia’s human rights failures to continue

While Australia makes much of its human rights standards in international dialogues, its own track record is variable to say the least – human rights concerns around the Northern Territory intervention…
Today’s findings say nothing about the factual nature of the AVN’s information. Gates Foundation

Anti-vax network wins court case but its claims are still misleading

The Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) today won its Supreme Court appeal against the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC), which had ordered the anti-vaccination network to warn that its website…
Getting it off her chest: a protester reinforces her message at the World Economic Forum at Davos in January. AAP

The future is looking backward, at least according to Davos

When the great and the good dutifully traipsed to the Swiss Alps for the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos in late January, they were equally dutifully followed by hordes of media and…
How do you stop young Australians from participating in risky activities overseas? Flickr/vampirogordo

Fatal attraction: young Australians travelling on the edge

Australians love to travel the world. In 2011 more than 7.5 million Australians (or more than one third of all Australians) travelled outside the country. Of course, most Australian travellers abroad have…
People love to be close to whales. AAP

Watching whales makes more economic sense than hunting them

Whales have become a synecdoche for nature in contemporary society’s debate over how to use the resources of the planet. This has only escalated in recent years with the hotting up of debate between Australia…
Our academic experts crunch the numbers on school funding. Pink Sherbet Photography

Gonski review: full coverage

The biggest review of school funding in decades has been handed to the government. The report recommends an injection of A$5 billion to the education sector, three-quarters of which would go to public…
Valiant sceptics have taken on the evil dragon of climate change conspiracy. magia e/Flickr

Think tank’s talking points deepen the divide over climate change

The trouble with words is that you never know whose mouths they’ve been in. – Dennis Potter Readers following the Australian news media’s coverage of climate change will probably have detected the conspiracy…
Bill Shorten has flagged that there will be significant structural reforms to the superannuation industry. AAP

Streamlining superannuation: not as simple as it seems

Financial Services Minister Bill Shorten has set up a Productivity Commission inquiry to define the criteria for selecting a default superannuation fund under “modern awards”. By October, commissioners…
Predictions that people will leave private health insurance are unlikely to come true. AAP

Private health insurance means test passes – what now?

The government finally got its bill on means-testing private health insurance rebates for high-income households through the House of Representatives this morning. Fortunately, the dire predictions about…
Australian Service Union branch secretary Sally McManus is showered in streamers after Fair Work Australia awarded community workers a landmark pay rise. AAP

The reality of the gender wage gap

As long as people see the gender wage gap as normal, society has a problem. This view is illustrated in a comment by Jeremy Sammut on a Centre for Independent Studies email newsletter: “Forget that the…
Qantas has cited the carbon price and high oil costs for a price hike - but aviation pricing isn’t straightforward. AAP

The upside to Qantas and Jetstar’s price hikes

Qantas and its low cost carrier division Jetstar have announced they will increase domestic and international airfares in stages from February through to July 1. The justification is a combination of increasing…

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