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The controversy over Speaker Bronwyn Bishop’s entitlements row continues to dominate the news cycle. Mick Tsikas/AAP

The ultimate horror for public servants: judging Bronwyn Bishop

The finance department, asked by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to investigate Bronwyn Bishop’s A$5227 helicopter ride between Melbourne and Geelong, now finds itself sitting on a very hot seat. If…
The row over Speaker Bronwyn Bishop’s parliamentary entitlements claim has become a major distraction for the Coalition. AAP/Mick Tsikas

Bishop helicopter trip referred to Australian Federal Police

The opposition has asked the Australian Federal Police to investigate whether Speaker Bronwyn Bishop broke the law in claiming $5227 for a helicopter trip between Melbourne and Geelong.
Tony Abbott has faced hard questions in recent days over his travel expenses, but does this reflect a wider integrity problem for our politicians? AAP/Adam Gartrell

Entitlements scandal highlights need to enhance parliamentary integrity

The recent revelations around the inappropriate use of travel entitlements by federal MPs reflect a broader problem of the lack of accountability in parliamentarians’ public life. But this scandal is nothing…

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