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Racial discrimination may have biological impacts lasting across generations. Orange-studio/Shutterstock

Discrimination is bad for your health – and your kids too

Think about the last time you left the house. Did strangers on the street acknowledge your presence with a smile or avert their glance? Chances are that the answer depended on your age, gender and, of…
What’s fair about four cans for £3.50? David Cheskin/PA

Minimum pricing for alcohol helps poorer, heavy drinkers

When the UK Government abandoned its proposal to introduce minimum unit pricing for alcohol in July 2013, it argued there was a lack of concrete evidence that the policy would reduce the harm caused by…
Alastair Mackie’s Mosquito Coast. Noodlefish

Why climate change is very bad for your health

It is beyond doubt that our emissions contribute to climate change. And climate change is making us sick. Sea–level rises, changes to the severity of monsoon seasons and rainfall, flooding, droughts and…

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