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The BBC, like the ABC, has faced significant pressure to change in response to repeated debates over how it should be funded. EPA/Andy Rain

It’s open season on public broadcasters as ABC joins hunt for cuts

2014 is turning into a grim year for public broadcasting. In June, Hubert Lacroix, the president of Canada’s public broadcaster CBC, announced an unprecedented series of job cuts. One-quarter of the staff…
The picture Mazher Mahmood’s lawyers didn’t want you to see. BBC Panorama.

Panorama and the Fake Sheikh: trawling tabloid excesses

Well, there was a lot of mucking about, but Panorama has finally broadcast its exposé of Sun on Sunday journalist Mazher Mahmood, widely known as the “Fake Sheikh”. The programme had been scheduled for…
Public service: BBC benefits from funding from its commercial arm. Steve Parsons/PA Wire

BBC flexes its money-making muscles as Guardian calls foul

The BBC has put the cat among the pigeons with the news that its commercial arm, BBC Worldwide, will beef up its presence in Australia by hiring local journalists and launching a dedicated news service…
Pro-independence protesters descend on the BBC’s Glasgow offices. Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Media bias and the Scottish referendum: BBC gets the blame as usual

As voting day looms for the Scottish referendum to determine independence, accusations of media bias by the BBC in favour of the union are coming thick and fast. Within the space of a few days, Alex Salmond…
Accurate, impartial and ethical journalism is still possible – and can even be easier – in the faster online news cycle. AAP Image/Dave Hunt

The internet can deliver better journalism, not just clickbait

In the digital age, one of the most complex challenges for media outlets is how to re-shape the editorial responsibilities of journalism itself. Are the hallmarks of good journalism – accuracy, independence…
The BBC was at the scene and the Mail wasn’t pleased. Andrew Matthews/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Trust the Mail to stick the boot into the BBC over Cliff Richard

When police investigating allegations of historic sex abuse searched the Berkshire home of singer Cliff Richard, it was the BBC that broke the news. Indeed, the Independent reported that when the eight…
“Compete and compare”: The future as Tony Hall sees it. Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

Director general’s BBC plans look like the start of a revolution

The debate on the BBC’s forthcoming charter renewal has taken a while to gain momentum. It seemed like the corporation was loath to enter the painful discussion of how the licence fee might be sustained…
Corporations are looking for new and inventive ways to get their message out. Shutterstock

Native advertising a media credibility crisis in waiting

Advertising is going ‘native’, creeping in to places formerly reserved for editorial content. In the final piece in our series, we look at the lack of regulation around such “embedded” content. UK media…
In the aftermath of disasters like the Boston marathon bombing, footage from citizen journalists is sometimes the ‘only option’. marsmettn tallahassee/Flickr

User-generated content: media can learn from the ‘Wild West’

User-generated content has become “a central element of the news gathering process,” says the controller of BBC World (English) Richard Porter, in a recently-released international study by the US-based…

The rise of the Celtic noir

Y Gwyll, the Welsh title of the recent BBC drama Hinterland, translates as “The Dusk”: perhaps programmers were worried that viewers would mistake it for Twilight? Vampires and zombies certainly feature…
If you can’t attack the Beeb, shoot the messenger. Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

The controversial business of researching BBC impartiality

Whoever takes over from Lord Patten as the new head of the BBC Trust has a tough job ahead – there’s the Scottish referendum and the general election, both potential minefields for a public broadcaster…
That the ABC is too big and too expensive for an affluent democracy such as Australia is nothing but a myth. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Does the ABC deliver Australians good bang for their buck?

Due to Australia’s small population and high concentration of few media voices, public broadcasters play a pivotal role in shaping the media ecosystem and cultural landscape. With the ABC and SBS under…

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