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Bionic Eye

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While some cases of blindness are treatable, there’s a group of patients for whom the development of a bionic eye is the only possible treatment. Jeremy Kunz

We have the technology – progress in the race to the bionic eye

The path to development of the bionic eye is blindingly clear but progress is slow. There’s been an explosion of research into retinal and brain-based bionic eyes and the race to develop one has started…
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In search of the Bionic Man

In 1973, the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) first aired The Six Million Dollar Man, a made-for-television movie in which Steve Austin, an astronaut test-piloting a prototype aeroplane, experienced…
Age-related macular degeneration is responsible for almost half of all cases of legal blindness in Australia. Caduser

Bionic vision: the fight for sight

What is the bionic eye? Often when we talk about the bionic eye, people get the idea of some sort of artificial eye implanted to replace visual function. In reality, the “eye” comprises a series of components…

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