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Board members don’t always have all the answers. Richard Rutter/Flickr

Wise counsel or passing the buck? The role of board advisers

Many employees and investors in large companies believe organisational leaders overuse consultants. Witness the latest broadside at the embattled David Jones board, accused of appointing advisers to take…
Bolstering services such as childcare will allow women to remain in the workforce and pursue ambitious career paths.

To reach the board, women need support to stay in the workforce

It’s accepted across the globe that women are under-represented in business leadership positions and that something should be done about it. To date, the focus has been on increasing the number of women…
There may be no causal correlation between a board’s gender diversity and firm performance, but greater female participation does have its benefits. Image from

Sorry, but there’s no business case for gender quotas

There’s support across the globe for increased female participation at leadership levels. In Norway, it’s a legislative requirement that at least 40% of the board members of listed companies are women…
A lack of questioning following a management or committee report would appear to be an important marker for boards. AAP

Why the simple act of asking is every director’s responsibility

Boards of directors are, under most legal regimes, the ultimate decision-making body in corporations. Yet, as researchers, we know surprisingly little about what they do and how they operate. With a handful…

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