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A blunt instrument: the case for interest rates to rise is strengthened by rising unemployment and a persistently high Australian dollar which has defied previous cuts. AAP

Rate cut unlikely, but the forward path for interest rates will be up

The Shadow Reserve Board, an initiative of the Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis (CAMA) made up of eminent industry and academic economists, returns this month. Reserve Bank of Australia board…
The UK’s LIBOR system was designed to be transparent but difficult to game: so what happened? AAP

Watching the dominos fall in the LIBOR crisis

Imagine if we discovered that the monthly setting of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s cash rate was rigged. There would quite rightly be outrage. We trust the RBA Board to make these calls, month after…
A cut in Australia’s cash rate tomorrow has been factored in by most economic practitioners, but Shadow Board academics are split over whether it should. AAP

Academics v practitioners: split views within the Shadow Board

Many economists think the RBA Board will cut the cash rate this month. With commodity prices projected to be weakening, financial markets suggest a rate cut is likely. Mind you, many practitioners suggested…
The reserve bank should hold the cash rate steady tomorrow – but CAMA’s Shadow board members see greater uncertainty long term. AAP

RBA should hold rates, but longer term uncertain

_The Conversation, in conjunction with the Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis (CAMA), presents the monthly findings of the Shadow Board, prior to the meeting of the Reserve Bank of Australia Board…

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